National Park Dives

Most spots are around the Pigeon Islands and along the shore. You are going to explore the heart of the national Park of Guadeloupe also called “la Reserve Cousteau”.

It’s a very special protected area for many years opened to any level divers.
The national Park fixed in some anchorages to preserve the site. Now noone can drop anchor there, so it protects much more corals, sponges, etc...

The Pigeon islands became a Heart of the national Park in 2009. A Chartor of good behavior during underwater activities will be of benefit to our children and hopefully the generations after...

To every divers

Spots in this area are at less than 10 minutes by boat from the diving center and offer such marvellous and rich underwater ecosystem.
Every diving spots give an access to any level of divers : snorkeling, discover dives, exploration dives, training dives. Depth can go down to 120 feet to 150 feet.

There is a first coral reef right under the anchorages area between 6 and 30 feet deep, followed by a second flat coral reef spread around the 2 islands between 36 to 66 feet deep and go on sloping drop off

Gorgonia and coral can be observe until 150 feet deep.