Wreck dive is fun, and more ...it’s also useful because it’s a way to give life on sand by creating artificial reef in which many species of fishes, sponges, corals live. That’s why three wrecks have been voluntary sunk.

Le Franjack
Hourglass 50m long. On June 9, 1996 the Franjack disappeared by 24m. He then rests on his port side. 1 month later, tropical storm Berta repositioned it on its keel.

Le Gustavia
This coaster of 48m shuttled between Guadeloupe and the North Islands. This ship, belonging to the armament "La Cascade" was sunk in May 1991 on a bottom of 40m.

L’Augustin Fresnel
This boat (57m long) reformed Lighthouses and Beacons rests since July 9, 2003 by 28m. During the cyclone Omar (2008), Augustin Fresnel slipped to find himself now at 31m at the helix.