Daycharter to "Les Saintes"

It’s a day-charter for everybody : confirmed divers, beginners, snorkelers, you can even do you discover scuba diving at Les Saintes.

Caution: Occasional trip and only by reservation, minimum 20 people !

In the morning : the Sec Paté

Right in the middle of Les Saintes’s channel, a shoal made up of three pinnacles full of rock and coral. They come up to 54 feet and their bottom go down at 450 to 600 feet !!

You have to be at least diver 2 Stars** or Advanced Open Water Diver Speciality Deep Dive to be able to dive on the Sec Paté. Furthermore, you must have done a deep dive at least at 120 feet deep recently.

In the afternoon : The Gouvernail Point, The Virgin, Cow Point, Cabri Island…

The site is accessible to any level. It’s even the perfect place to have discover diving or snorkeling....


  • Meeting at 7:45 am et the Diving Center
  • Arrival at Les Saintes at around 10:30 am landing no divers and Divers one Stars* or Open Water divers
  • From 10:30 am to noon, Dive on the famous “Sec Paté ”
  • 12:30 pm, back at Les Saintes where everybody is going to have lunch (restaurent, sandwiches...)
  • 2:00 pm, on the way to the second dive accessible to any level even snorkeling
  • 4:00 pm, last return to Les Saintes to get back the persons who stayed to visit the island
  • 6:00 pm, back at the Diving Center