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Sortie cétacés : rencontre avec les dauphins


The cruise goes offshore the Caribean leeward cost from Basse-Terre to Deshaies aboard a 42feet CATAMARAN motorized. There is an inside area for your comfort during the navigation and an outside bridge to maximize whales observations.

Guide Marine Mammal Biologist

Since 1998 and that famous total lunar eclipse in Guadeloupe, Les Heures Saines makes whale watching cruise on the Caribean leeward cost. In partnership with the association “Evasion Tropicale”, we make research on that large area. Before going, a specialist of marine mammals will give you informations about habits, the different species and their classification. He shares his experiences with you during all trip
The association “Evasion Tropicale” has in charge all the pedagogic.activities: observation, research, information.


During the tour, the sustainable guide makes underwater listenings to localize some animals. The observation zone is so large than he uses a hydrophone to find out the direction where animals are. That way of research makes it easier and faster. Aboard everybody is looking for any signs from whales presence: birds, breath.

Frequently occurring species

  • Sperm whale
  • Pantropical spotted dolphin
  • Fraiser dolphin
  • Pilot whale
  • Pseudorca
  • Orca
  • Humpback whale